Dec 29, 2010

Some art.

I came across this the other day. I’ve just been too busy these last few weeks leading into the holidays to think let alone post and thankfully the stupidity that is the holiday season is almost behind us (BAH! HUMBUG!).

Anyway, so the story behind this... back in the early nineties (or was it the late eighties) sometime around the time I was doing some work for Marvel or shortly afterward, I got an illustration job. It was for an insert (there is a series called Newspapers in Education and this was one of them) to go in the local paper on AIDs.

While I was happy to get the job it was a bit of a double edged sword because I was also a bit nervous too. I remember doing most of the work very, very quickly (overnight?) after procrastinating and making a bunch of false starts.

At the end of everything, the client was pretty happy with how everything turned out. Everything was in full color but the spot illos below weren’t accepted. As a matter of fact, a friend wound up doing that part of the job after the fact because the client wanted more realistic shots for the particular section of the insert (the shots in question looked more like life drawings). It was supposed to portray people who can have AIDs (I think) and the illos of course were keyed to the supplied copy.

I never really think about showing off my drawing or looking for praise over it. I’ve never stopped drawing and wind up doodling something every day whenever I have a moment. It winds up being more of something I do for myself rather than other people but I’ve been posting art to the comic art fans website lately and when I came across this I figured what the hell.

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